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Connecting to your new digital life - The world's leading network connectivity brand: D-Link

D-Link Corporation is committed to providing homes, businesses, and industries network communication product solutions; developing reliable network communication services with clean technology to become the world’s leading provider in full-service intelligent networks.

D-Link is known for its brand name, “Youxun,” which means friendly communication. Founded in 1987, designing and developing computer networking equipment were the initial focuses of the corporation. Since then, its products have been marketed worldwide under the brand name “D-Link”.

D-Link has continued to evolve in recent years, demonstrating its comprehensive AIoT software and hardware capabilities with core strengths in intelligence, MIT (Made in Taiwan), and sustainability as a global leader in smart networking devices and comprehensive networking solutions. Customers can build smart homes, smart businesses, and smart industries with the EAGLE PRO AI series and cloud platform services.

The MIT chipset, first implemented by D-Link in 2020, is the world’s first truly clean network technology, delivering high quality and reliability with the most cost-effective performance. AI-based intelligent management systems were also introduced to create a smarter network life that connects infinite possibilities with proactive reporting and intelligent learning.

One Connection, Infinite Possibilities

Upon D-Link’s first rebranding in 35 years, the aim has been to build towards its global recognition. Thus, Vetica’s team emphasized retaining D-Link’s existing brand values while creating a new brand image to bring it back to the glory in a new era of intelligent networking.

The brand design focuses on the link symbol in the existing D-Link logo to bring out a new meaning: entering a new stage in the digital era. The hyphen in the logo will be used as inspiration to create a connective auxiliary image with the theme centered around spreading wings and flying, symbolizing the “One Connection, Infinite Possibilities” of the network communication service signal source and representing D-Link’s commitment to connect with the infinite possibilities a comprehensive intelligent network life has to offer.

New Product Line EAGLE PRO AI Launched to the Market

D-Link’s renewed brand image is accompanied by the launch of a new service brand – EAGLE PRO AI. Through this series of products and cloud platform services, D-Link helps customers build smart homes, smart businesses, and smart industries. The Vetica team has been collaborating with D-Link to co-create the brand positioning for a full range of smart life services. Through the brand’s online and offline systems, the brand has been extended to the official website and product catalogs, helping D-Link build a superior brand image in the minds of consumers by connecting all aspects of life and work.

The Vetica team was honored to take part in and complete the rebranding project for D-Link Technology.

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